Updated Skincare Routine (2016)

(Left to right): Etude House: Baking Powder Cleanser and Wonder Pore Freshner, The Body Shop: Aloe Soothing Cream Mask, Banila co: Clean it Zero Balm, The Face Shop: Natural Sun sunscreen, Etude House: Wonder Pore Serum, The Body Shop: Seaweed Mattifying Moisturiser and Seaweed Pore Cleansing Exfoliator

Recently I've been investing heaps into my skincare routine as my skin has been breaking out heaps and is super bumpy due to millions of whiteheads and blackheads popping up everywhere. I've developed my own 'Korean' 8-step-skincare routine with these products!


I just use the Etude House Baking Powder cleanser and to be honest, I'm not in love with it but it gets the job done and it smells quite nice. It leaves my face feeling clean.

Double Cleanser

I used to use the JUJU AQUAMOIST Cleansing Oil which I absolutely love but decided to try out the Banila Co. Clean it Zero cleansing balm as I heard a lot of good reviews about it. Didn't realise it came in such a huge tub and is totally worth the money as I've had it for a couple of months and barely made a dent. I use it to double cleanse and it smells amazing but I'm not sure if it's because I'm not using it right but it still leaves a lot of balm residue on my face even when I've washed it off.


The Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner is an absolute favourite and I'm so sad it's nearly all gone as they don't stock it in stores over here and I absolutely hate waiting for packages when I online shop. This toner does a lot - not only does it balance your pH levels after you've washed your face but it reduces the size of your pores! My pores definitely have noticeably gone smaller after using the freshner and the serum.


The Etude House Serum is amaziiiinnngggg!!! It does such a great job and definitely locks in the pores to make them smaller.


For the longest time ever, I've had so much trouble looking for a good moisturiser for my skin. My family has been recommending me these moisturisers when I go back to Hong Kong but then I can never find them when I go back to Perth so I'm always left with a really sucky moisturiser as I don't know which moisturiser here does the same job as the Hong Kong brand moisturisers. Then I discovered the Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying moisturiser and IT IS SO GOOD!

Not only does it moisturise my face and leaves it feeling smooth and supple but it takes care of my oily T-zone so I don't wake up in the morning feeling an oily mess (which most moisturisers I used did). It also has a slight tingling sensation as well which the sales assistant told me was normal.


The sales assistant at the Body Shop also recommended I purchase the exfoliator as I told her I had a lot of whiteheads and she said it was probably from the build up from my dry skin and dead skin cells as I wasn't exfoliating my face and getting rid of the dead skin cells. After using the exfoliator I noticed that a lot of the bumps started disappearing and they would come up to the surface and form pimples and then disappear! I was so glad as the bumps were so unappealing. 


Still in the process of looking for more masks to try as I absolutely love masks! Recently purchased the Body Shop's Aloe Vera Soothing Cream Overnight Mask as Winter is coming and my skin gets more dry during the winter time. This mask smoothes my sensitive cheek area which is really dry and I can leave it on overnight and my skin feels absolutely amazing in the morning. 


Last but not least, SUNSCREEN!

My friend gave me this sunscreen spray puff from the Face Shop where you pump the sunscreen onto the puff and pat it onto the skin like a cushion foundation. It also has a cooling sensation and has 50 SPF and PA++++ which is so good! I love it/would repurchase again.

Water, H2O -- BLUE GOLD

You ever just watch a documentary that completely changes your mind and thoroughly provokes your thoughts. I've been watching environmental documentaries lately and I highly recommend Blue Gold.

Wars of the future will be fought over water as they are over oil today, as the source of human survival enters the global marketplace and political arena. Corporate giants, private investors, and corrupt governments vie for control of our dwindling supply, prompting protests, lawsuits, and revolutions from citizens fighting for the right to survive. Past civilizations have collapsed from poor water management. Can the human race survive?
(taken from IMDB) 

The environment has always been a stressing issue and a huge reason why I love the Lorax by Dr. Seuss. There's a good quote from a Chinese film I watched recently, The Mermaid, and one of the characters asks the main character a really good question:

'Hypothetically, if you had only one minute left in your life. Hypothetically, if the earth didn't have a single drop of clean water left or a single breath of clean oxygen left. What do you want to do most?' 

- The Mermaid (2016)

We're depleting the Earth of oxygen and water all for the sake of money. What happens once we've gotten our money? Money isn't important anymore when the Earth is damaged because of it. You won't be able to breath or drink clean water and then your health suffers and making money was for nothing because of it. 

We are a circle of life and so is the environment. We are born, we grow up and die and turn into soil. The trees grow from the soil, then give out clean oxygen for us to breathe. We all learn about where water comes from right? Water comes from rain water, then it falls to the ground, the soil soaks it up and the water goes back into the ocean and the clouds evaporate it and then the clouds make it rain. 


1. We're destroying forests
2. We're building dams
3. We're polluting rivers

The reason why there is less rain water is because the clouds are taking less in less water from the oceans! The reason why there is less water in the oceans is because there isn't enough water in the ground. The reason why there isn'ts enough water in the ground is because the roots of the trees aren't there anymore to push the water into the ground. The roots of the trees are getting removed because we're removing the forests to build houses and infrastructure established by big companies that care more about money than the environment! They don't care about us - they're rich and they can just buy bottled water. 

The only ones at stake are lower and middle class people. We can't afford to pay bottled water every day. We need to protect the environment from huge companies that will (in the future) make us buy water because water is and will run out. 

I highly, HIGHLY recommend this documentary and urge you to watch this. It is eye opening. 

What I Learnt Last Year/ New Years Resolution

I know it's pretty late into the 'new' year (it's March already..what) but instead of creating a New Years Resolution I wanted to create a post about the many things I learnt last year and wanted to reflect on the many things that have moulded me into the person I am as of right now and have a mini resolution at the same time.

Coming back from travelling, I always tend to learn something new and exciting - culturally mostly and geographically - but this year it really opened up my eyes.

1. Chinese Identity

E.g. America, where everyone seemed to idolise and see as the 'Great American United States wow land of the free and celebrities.' However, I saw it differently when I came back. I learnt to really appreciate how so many immigrants and families sacrificed their life in their hometown for their children's future and for a better life even though the first couple of years moving to this new and foreign country were probably the worst years of their lives. They can't speak English, they don't know anyone, they're struggling financially and they have to look after their children. Who are they supposed to rely on?

So many people moved over to America for a better life and before, I never learnt to appreciate those kinds of things. I actually felt kind of embarrassed ~ like why can't my parents act more westernised? We're living in Australia - learn to adapt to the Australian life. But it's difficult for them. Their sense of belonging and identity belongs to a certain group and they feel like they belong to this group and thats why having a Chinatown in San Francisco was so important to them. It was a place where they belonged and they'd honestly be lost without a community like that.

My Aunty, who can't speak English but is the most outgoing person I know, blended in so well with the people in Chinatown even though she was so worried about not speaking English well in America. She just talked to strangers on the buses, trains, planes and even learnt about someone's background in San Francisco. Everyone's just kind of blending in and living their life - everyone is the main character in their life.

Coming back from America has made me realised that there are so many people whom I share a similar identity and position with and I think that was a really big eye opener for me.

2. Australia is the best
Honestly, Australia is the best. I take back whatever I said about moving to America when I grow up. I'm staying in Australia until I find a better place to call home. The houses are nice, the transportation is OK - but the public transport is easy to navigate through, the weather and beaches are nice. NO TAXES. NO TIPPING. No severe traffic. Whatever, screw you all Australia's the best in my eyes.

3. Skincare and Health first
Never thought I'd be so envious of so many people until I went to Hong Kong and everywhere I went all the girls had such nice skin and beautiful, crystal clear complexions. I am in awe. This year, I am going to focus on improving my skin complexion and less on purchasing makeup which will just make my skin worse than it already is. Even though I'm a makeup junkie :(

Another aspect is that I need to improve my overall health and fitness. I need to exercise more and stop eating so much unhealthy food. My cousin in San Francisco walks everywhere and their roads are so steep and slopey! I was out of breath already not even halfway through and we had to take the bus back because I couldn't deal. Australia's roads are so flat so it's not even that difficult and yet I still drive everywhere!

4. So many people on this planet
There are honestly so many people on this Earth it's unbelievable. Every single person is a main character in their life. Especially when I went to China and around just the California state. There are so many people on this Earth and I can't believe that there are enough resources for so many people. Does it ever occur to you that water, food, air will run out? Where are all these resources coming from? I went to so many buffet places this year and each time I just thought - the sashimi, the oysters, the fruit, the poultry - it's all going to run out someday right? How in the world do they have such an unlimited supply of fresh seafood and fruit?

Some people earn their income from working, some earn it from their own business and just everybody is working hard to make a living and it made me think about the type of life I want to have in the future more.

5. Time is precious
You honestly only live once and there is no going back. You can't rewind time you can only look onwards that's why choices and the decisions you make are so important. I have always known this but I never understood the importance behind this aspect but now I know the true, utter importance of time. There is absolutely no way I can go back to last week to change whatever I wanted to do. Each second is important and I could've been spending it working and earning money or studying but I didn't - I don't and I really should this year. Instead of staying at home - I can volunteer, go out and catch up with friends, join a club or class or work on my health. Each second and minute is valuable time and we all only have a limited lifespan and I'm going to spend each second like it's truly my last.

just take it

I created a new mini vlog using film from way back in July 2015 when I went to visit Perth's secret garden. It's only less than a minute long. Trying to get some practising in before I go on holiday back to Hong Kong and hopefully will end up getting some exciting new footage in. I also need to discover some new music for potential background music for my vlogs and video diaries. No luck so far but will hopefully post a Spotify playlist when I discover some new tracks. 

Take chances, Have no Regrets

Life is too short to be anything but happy.
So kiss slowly, love deeply and forgive quickly.
Take chances, give everything, have no regrets and forget the bad in the past.
Just remember what all it taught you.
Just be someone else. Life is too short to be someone else.

 If there's really one thing I've learnt (but have yet to implement in life) is that life is too short to not be crazy and too short to be anyone else but YOU! Take risks, go after whatever you want, why shouldn't you deserve what's been given to you? Jump through those obstacles to reach your goals and achieve what you want in life. Life is way too short and fast-paced to go day by day without doing something productive.

Social Media and Self Esteem

Hello my little porcupines!

In the midst of study plus exam week I thought I would shove in a blog post before I have way too much free time and forget to write out my sad and sensitive feelings again. I feel like I blog about myself too much so maybe I'll just talk about something else other than myself and my life is so boring and hasn't changed much at all.

First things first - social media. Social media is a marketing tool for businesses but it started out as a medium for people to interact with one another. I think when we think of social media these days the first thing that pops up is usually Facebook or Instagram and I think those two are predominantly two social media platforms in which I use the most. While Facebook is proper, professional and more for friends; Instagram is a platform in which I can explore and interact with people around the world and also show off my creative side which Facebook is lacking. I remember being so obsessed with my Myspsce profile as it was a way to show off my personality and artistic influences and tried to make it represent me. To summarise really - I probably spent way too much time editing my MySpace profile when I could've been doing something more productive.

Which reminds me of the Instagram model - Essena O'Neil - I think the main points she makes where social media is portraying a fake life and not everything is not as perfect as they want you to believe it to be are such valid points. How many times have I seen a photo on Instagram and been like 'I wish I had her life' 'I wish I had her body' 'I wish I had her hair and clothes' when in actuality they've been sponsored and their life isn't as perfect as the extent they made it out to be. However, I honestly draw the line and tell myself that that's her life and this is my life there's honestly no point in comparing and there is nothing I can do about it other than improving myself and striving towards my own goals. Where being social media famous is not one of them and putting myself out there for people to nitpick on my appearance is definitely not one of my goals. I already have enough anxiety over stepping out into the city with so many people around. I think the best thing we can ever do is to be a good person and be a good role model to whoever is looking up to us and don't validate yourself through a strangers opinion of you or how many numbers are behind your brand. It's honestly not worth the stress, effort and self esteem issues associated with it.

Just Lots of Wall Art

Wall art in the streets of Perth City 140

Just a little update on my current ~life~ situation where I try to persuade you that I'm a perfectly normal human being of society.

These past few months have really just been about university and working on assessments plus working as per usual. The past month has been extremely stressful as I was working 4 nights for work and had 3 days of university with no break in between. I was basically working 7 nights for a month straight without a day off or a night to just breathe and relax. It was super stressful but I'm really glad I was determined and persevered - the end result was a blessing in disguise.

A picture of some wildly amusing wall art in the streets of Mount Lawley

transportation | a hong kong video diary

Would super appreciate it if you could watch my new video diary! Thank you so much!

So I was going through my iPhoto images as I wanted to browse through my photos which I took back in 2013/2014 when I went back to Hong Kong (and also visited Taiwan) when I discovered that I actually filmed a lot of videos during my holidays.

This quickly inspired me to film a video diary like those beautiful ones Zoe Suen puts together. Mines not as good as hers but it was greatly inspired by her video diaries. It took me around 4 hours to put it altogether (including uploading and publishing it) and I am super proud of what I created. Hopefully I can continue improving in the future but I'm so in love with the video's thumbnail. I didn't even specifically choose one - it just came up.

Thanks for reading/watching!

1Q84/ Town of Cats

I recently finished 1Q84 the other day. I started it last year and a year later I finally finished it. I did it! I reached the next milestone of my life - it seems. Personally, 1Q84 is so far one of my favourites. I personally even liked it more than the Wind Up Bird Chronicle which was my favourite novel of Murakami's.

1Q84 was such a roller coaster ride and I'm glad I continued reading it until the very end as I loved the ending so much. I loved the way it is written from the perspective (third person) of Aomame and Tengo and how both worlds slowly collide with each other until you see the same thing from different perspectives. It's such a clever way to write the novel. The more I think about it, the more I fall in love with the whole story. It tackles so many themes and gives new insight into the world surrounding us. I love it so much. I can't wait to dive into Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage!

What's for dinner? | Lucky Chan's & Francoforte Spaghetti Bar

I feel like all I ever blog about is food. Which is exactly what this blog post is going to be about as well but nothing interesting ever happens in my life (or Perth for that matter) except new restaurants and cafes popping up. So I shall continue blogging about these ridiculously nice places I've been visiting. Except maybe I'll spread it out evenly instead of combining it into one ridiculously large blog post.

Here are some nice dinner places you can visit around Northbridge!

Lucky Chan's Laundry + Noodlebar / Northbridge

I ordered the Danny Ramen ($15.90) with a spiciness of 7/10 (Because I like it hot!) and I liked it! The broth had a nice rich flavour (from the pork mince?), including the corn, meshed well together. I would definitely go back just for the ramen. My friend made a face when I told her there was corn in it and that she would take out the corn but I actually really liked the corn and I don't usually like corn with anything. However, the only problem was, I wasn't completely full. I think if I had a drink and an entree as well as the ramen I would be full. I only had the ramen and some water so I left feeling half full which is better than leaving not full at all I guess.

My sister ordered the Umami Monster ($14.90) and she mentioned that it tasted like water. So I tried her ramen while she tried mine and we definitely agreed that the broth played a huge part in how good the dishes were. Her's was extremely bland even with all of the ingredients added into in (fried tofu, tomato, wood ear mushrooms and 62 degree egg). I think her's needed a richer broth. 

Lucky Chan's is a hit or miss. I shall be back to try some of the other stuff on the menu! 

Francoforte Spaghetti Bar / Northbridge

Tucked away in an extremely popular alleyway is Francoforte Spaghetti Bar. I've passed by it numerous of times while visiting their neighbours Superstar Waffles, Babooshka and Is Donburi but never had the opportunity to try it until now. My friend always put me off it saying that it was expensive but I didn't think it was that expensive. In fact, I really enjoyed the night at Francoforte even if I didn't especially like the Carbonara that I ordered.

The spaghetti bar was so cute! I loved the interior and how we could see the kitchen. It was so chill I wish we had bought a bottle of wine because it felt like the perfect place to have spaghetti and wine.

The Guanciale Carbonara ($16 | $22) Grande I ordered had only crispy bacon bits with it and barely any sauce. It tasted so bland and boring towards the end when I was finishing up the plate. The bacon bits were also extremely salty that I just left most of them on the side of my plate. What they did do right was the spaghetti though - the spaghetti was cooked just right. It wasn't too soft or too hard and made the meal much more enjoyable. Also, on the menu it mentioned there was egg - I don't actually remember having egg on mine or at least in the way that I imagined it to be.

My sister ordered the Eggplant Sugo ($15 | $20) Piccolo with a side of pork sausage ($4) and her dish was a lot better. The difference in serving sizes between a Grande and a Piccolo was miniscule. Hers was just as filling as mine. I would definitely just opt for a Piccolo size next time. The Eggplant Sugo was so much nicer and richer in flavour. I think Francoforte does better in tomato sauces than cream sauces.

Would definitely recommend the Eggplant Sugo in Piccolo! Would go back again to try out the other dishes and definitely bringing a bottle of wine next time.